Monday, June 16, 2008

FAS Values Survey and the $1M Question: What is in it for me?

Dear FAS Colleagues:

Just one more week left to take the FAS Values Survey and if you have not yet completed it, I hope this blog inspires you to take a few minutes to provide us with your thoughts, ideas and aspirations for our division and the campus.

One primary reason I hear for not taking the survey is concern about anonymity; please be assured that the survey is 100% anonymous and IP addresses are not stored and questions are not linked together. Your feedback is essential to me and the leadership team in our division so we know where we need to focus our time and other resources.

The results of the Values Survey meet important objectives: They measure if our values are incorporated into our work place; they guide our work and direction for improvements and the more feedback we receive, the more data we have to determine emerging themes requiring our attention.

Another reason that has crossed my ears for not taking the survey may be the perception that we don’t do anything with the results. The wheels of change do turn, although it can be slow at times. However, you have to start somewhere and in some cases, people need to hear the same message several times before it truly sinks in so don’t give up!

The results of the FAS Values Surveys for FY 2005-06 and 2006-07 have lead to many initiatives which have either happened or are well on their way to fruition. We have improved our communication to FAS employees through the FAS E-News; the first CSUSM Leadership Academy will begin in October 2008; and we partnered with Extended Learning to bring outside experts to our campus to provide us with tools to declare our workplace gossip-free and resolve conflicts while preserving important working relationships. In addition, we continue to work on improving accountability and formalizing alternate work schedules.

Make CSUSM the best place “to work and study” by taking the FAS Values Survey today!

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