Thursday, February 18, 2010

We're Excited!

The VP’s Blog has been hijacked by the VPFAS Office! This month’s guiding principle is Excitement. See what we’re excited about…

Candace: What am I excited for? Not sure you really want to know but here goes.

1. Spring Break. This week will be the pinnacle of all furlough days. The anticipation is like Christmas morning.

2. The new Parking Structure. I am convinced that once this opens all traffic on Craven Drive will magically reroute to the other side of campus therefore allowing me to cruise up to lot E and find a parking spot with the ease experienced during summer or winter break. My trusty Honda deserves that.

3. The softball team playing their home season on campus. At the heart of every major University is its Athletics program. I can’t wait to see some action down there and the boost to student life on campus.

4. The last season of LOST. Anyone with me on this? What is up with “bad Locke?” How did the polar bears get there? Why did Walt talk backwards? What is with that statue with the 4 toes? Why does Richard Alpert wear guyliner? Tuesday nights just got interesting.

Jennifer: What am I excited for? Oh lots of things . . . especially this week!

1. The Annual Customer Satisfaction Surveys. The surveys have been launched, and we are receiving valuable feedback from across the campus!

2. The PEER Recognition Program. PEER Team TWENTY has kicked off the nomination period, and the nominations have started rolling in – nothing is better than reviewing the kind words that colleagues submit about one another.

3. QI is on facebook! What is more exciting than being the first QI program in the CSU to have a facebook account! In a time when resources are low, we are still capable of bringing our program to new heights by finding innovative ways to communicate and share information!

4. The Policies and Procedures Web Page! On February 22nd, the new Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines Web page will be launched!

5. The Division Meeting! Seeing our division come together brings forward not only excitement, but laughter and the finest employees on campus!

Robin: What am I excited for?

1. The completion and submission of Mid-Year. That’s right! FAS just completed a comprehensive mid-year budget review of all revenue and expenditure activities for all funds, including Operating, Capital & Trusts. Thank you to all budget representatives for your hard work on this.

2. My birthday! It’s coming up and I’m excited to finally turn 21.

3. Survivor: “Heroes vs. Villains”. It’s back on Thursday nights. This time it will feature ten former Survivors known for their integrity— the Heroes and ten former Survivors known for their deception— the Villains. Sound kind of like our state assembly members. I can’t wait.

4. My daughter’s wedding! And you’re all invited . . . I will gladly accept cash, checks or PayPal.


Anonymous said...

You all have too much fun in that office! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm excited about Survivor too!
Some of my very favorites are on this season.

And yes - the parking structure - we in parking are hoping to not hear "there isn't anywhere to park" for a long time

Anonymous said...

Lost is crazy...I am so excited to find out what it all means too.