Thursday, March 29, 2012

Communication via Social Media

In honor of this month’s FAS guiding principle, Communication, I wanted to share the following photo with you, which provides a brief example of each of the different forms of social media. It’s a good visual way to demonstrate all of the different ways that students, prospective students, and the campus community may be communicating about our campus, services, programs and processes. It also breaks down the social media to make it more understandable so that we can see why there are so many different forms – I don’t know about you, but trying to getting a handle on all of the different forms of social media can be a job in itself. These days everything is being tweeted, posted, photographed, and tagged, so I show you this to remind you all of the different ways in which communication is happening every second and to remind us all how important it is for us to ensure we are communicating the right messages, providing exceptional customer-service, and developing value-added processes. 
What are your favorite methods for communication and how do you prefer to receive information? 

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