Friday, September 7, 2012

Values Survey Results!

The Values Survey Results are in and I am proud to report that our overall division results show we are sustaining satisfaction, even in these challenging and turbulent times. I thank you again for your comments and look forward to sharing more information with you at our Fall Division Meeting. Over the next couple of months, your managers will be sharing your department’s results with you and I’ve asked for each department to develop 3-5 action items for improvement or continued success.

I thank you again for taking part in this survey and appreciate the detailed and honest feedback you have provided. This data helps me gauge the overall health of our division, and I take this feedback into consideration as I plan for our division throughout the year. I hope you will take time to review our results and consider opportunities for improvement or continued success for your area in this upcoming year. The results may be found on our Quality Improvement Web page at

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