Friday, November 19, 2010

Committed to Improving our Workplace

Since the October Division Meeting was the last time we all came together, I thought it would be beneficial to follow up regarding the Values Survey and my three commitments for improving the workplace. As you may recall, during the division meeting, I, along with each AVP, shared what we will do to improve our work environment based off of the Values Survey results. To refresh everyone’s memories, my three commitments are:
  • I am committed to getting out more, having more department visits to see how you all are doing
  • I am committed to coaching and mentoring all my current and aspiring managers to be strong leaders 
  • I am committed to providing professional growth opportunities, when and where possible
I’m dedicated to achieving these commitments and improving our workplace, and I’d like to share with you how things have been going so far.

Back in October, I began meeting 1:1 with all of the managers within FAS as well as meeting collectively with each department’s staff members. I have met with all managers within FAS, and I will continue meeting with each department until I have met with every group within the division. These meetings should conclude by the end of the year and will open up time for me to have more unscheduled department visits to see how all of you are doing. During both the manager meetings and the staff meetings, I have received open and honest feedback, and I certainly have enjoyed the opportunity to hear from each of you, listen to your concerns and feedback, and share information with you. Being able to understand your perspectives and see your work environment through your eyes has been more valuable than I can express.

As I have mentioned during the meetings, I will not be sharing the details of the feedback, but please know I appreciate the honest feedback, and

I heard you.

I will be using your feedback to help me coach and mentor current and aspiring managers to be strong leaders, to help me support my leadership team, as well as ensure I am dedicated to supporting the professional growth opportunities, as possible.

I look forward to working with all of you, as we transform the workplace!

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Mike Geck said...

Dear VP Hawk,

I just want to take a moment to let you know how impressed I am with your approach to improving our: value survey results, working conditions and professional growth opportunities. In my opinion, you're spot on with the approach you’ve taken and your efforts (along with improved communication on our part) are already starting to bear fruit in our department. Taking the time to listen to each FAS team member and get honest feedback is a very commendable approach in my book and is exactly what was/is needed to get us on the path to sustained improvement and success and keep us moving forward.

Your statement, “Being able to understand your perspectives and see your work environment through your eyes has been more valuable than I can express.” almost brought a tear to my eye. Since day one I have always been very grateful for my job and totally committed to serving the University community and mission to the best of my abilities. The Oct. FAS meeting, the recent group meetings, your follow-up communication (including your blog post) have re-energized my commitment (and the commitment of many our co-workers) to the University community and mission.

I look forward to doing my part to aid in creating an environment that is fertile ground for sustained improvement and success. Keep up the good work! We appreciate your hands-on approach and sincere commitment to making CSUSM’s FAS division a workplace we look forward to coming to in the morning and can all be proud of. We all have a little more to be thankful for next Thursday… thanks to you!


Mike Geck
Facility Services