Monday, December 20, 2010

Guest Blogger: Dora Knoblock

I have asked each of my FAS Leadership Council members to guest blog regarding their three commitments. Dora Knoblock is the first guest blogger, sharing her thoughts for improving the workforce.

What does it mean to act? When we act, we deliberately and knowingly do something. Our actions can be positive or negative, but our actions always result in an outcome.

When VP Hawk asked her leadership team to commit to three things they would each improve upon in the coming year, the acronym A.C.T. seemed fitting: ACCESSIBILITY, CELEBRATE and TEAMWORK. What outcome can we hope to achieve by following these three simple guidelines?

When we are accessible to our co-workers and those who report to us, we effectively say “You are important and what you have to say is important.” We keep the lines of communication open, which in turn fosters trust, respect and collaboration. We send a clear message that “you” really do matter and “your” actions are valued.

When we take the time to celebrate our victories and to commemorate both small and large, we are making a statement that top-notch service is important and that our day-to-day activities do count. We acknowledge our coworkers and recognize that each of us has something important to contribute. We are proud of our accomplishments and staying on top of our game. We say, “We want to be the best!”

When we create an environment that fosters teamwork, the benefits are well worth it. If we embrace teamwork rather than resist it, we find that our communications and working relationships are strengthened and creativity thrives. We allow ourselves to be comfortable taking reasonable risks in communicating and taking action. A group can capitalize on the individual and special strengths of each member, blending them to enhance efficiency, effectiveness, and genuine engagement in the team’s purpose. Teamwork offers us the opportunity to develop trust. Effective team members understand that having respect for themselves and others in their group is vital to the success of the team, and to sustain the team’s momentum. These skills spill benefits into our lives outside of work too. After all, none of us are in this game of life alone!

What would it look and feel like if each of us were to commit to these A.C.T. principles and how would it translate into a better overall picture of our shared workplace, our “pioneer-spirited” campus, and our personal reputations? As we begin yet another year, this is a perfect time to ponder what it is we most want to accomplish, what new opportunities lie ahead and what outcome we would like to see and then make a conscious choice to base our actions accordingly—to A.C.T. because these three simple guidelines really do matter. Make it an awesome 2011!!!

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